This is an experimental feature. Some of these libraries may not work.

Most of Mechanical’s scripting APIs are implemented in C#. However, there are a small number of Python modules that are distributed with the installation of Mechanical that can be used from within the Mechanical Scripting Pane. These modules are not available for use from an embedded instance of Mechanical in Python because Python does not know where to find them.

But, in order to use these modules, you need to use the experimental function add_mechanical_python_libraries to help Python locate them and make it possible to import them. In addition, it is necessary to first initialize the embedded instance of Mechanical because these libraries may expect the .NET Common Language Runtime to be initialized as well as for the appropriate C# libraries to be loaded.

To use the above function, run the following:

from ansys.mechanical.core import App
from ansys.mechanical.core.embedding import add_mechanical_python_libraries

app = App(version=241)

import materials  # This is that's shipped with Mechanical v241


Using version as argument to add_mechanical_python_libraries() is deprecated.