To make the logging of events consistent, PyMechanical has a specific logging architecture with global and local logging instances.

For these two types of loggers, here is the default format for a log message:

>>> from ansys.mechanical.core import launch_mechanical
>>> mechanical = launch_mechanical()
>>> mechanical._log.info("This is an useful message")
  INFO - GRPC_127.0.0.1:10000 -  test - <module> - This is a useful message

The instance_name field depends on the name of the Mechanical instance, which might not be set yet when the log record is created (for example, during the initialization of the library). If a Mechanical instance is not yet created, this field might be empty.

Because both types of loggers are based in the Python logging module, you can use any of the tools provided in this module to extend or modify these loggers.

Logger class#

Logger([level, to_file, to_stdout, filename])

Provides for adding handlers to the logger for each Mechanical session.